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In today’s competitive market, you need robust CNC turning centers with un-compromised performance and specifications to produce world class products quickly, accurately and with minimum of non productive time.

The rigid and single piece 45° slant base is made out of 25 grade cast iron for more stability. It is heavily ribbed to provide rigidity and least distortion during heavy cuts and faster production, with virtually no vibration. Structure also facilitates easy chip flow.

The spindle is of cartridge type design and uses 3 super precision angular contact bearings in the front and 2 angular contact bearings at the rear end. The bearing configuration gives high stiffness to the spindle assembly in both axial and radial directions.

The tailstock consists of a hydraulically operated quill, which moves inside the housing. The quill and body are independently moveable. The tailstock is supported on V and flat guideways. Programmable quill being provided as a standard.

Calibration is being done with laser and ball bar. Macpower ensures maximum value addition and quality output.

Z Slide and X Slide are mounted over precise and heavy load capacity 4 circuit linear guide ways, designed to support increased acceleration and deceleration rates as well as increased cutting pressure.

Equipped with the advantage of an ergonomic design. The machine comes with a full guard that enables a clean premise throughout the operation. This feature prevents the contaminants from the machine slides, switches and other electrical devices.