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Macpower introduces Multi Tasking series with Y axis & sub spindle. Customers are focal point while designing the series. It's easy to use machine configuration and an assortment of secondary features made for stronger, quicker and more precise machining performances. New heights can be achieved in terms of product excellence and manufacturing capabilities due to high precision and performance offered by the machine. Y axis with integrated C axis can accomplish several multifaceted requirements than that of general turn mill centre.

Y axis with sub spindle machines are designed to exceed customer expectations even further, to accomplish part manufacturing in a single setup with help of multi-tasking operations alongside delicate part handling and without compromising high level of precision. Multi-tasking machine reduces the need of multi-step machining process that traditionally would consist of two or more separate machine and setups.

The single 30° monoblock design along with widely spaced linear motion guide ways provide ideal stiffness and generates frictionless and thermally stable movements. FEA techniques were used to design a rigid and structurally balanced machine, resulting in superior damping characteristics for minimized vibration to the work piece when exposed to both static and dynamic load on them. The FEA process has facilitated optimization of machine structures making them resilient and perfect fit for versatile applications.

The heavy duty cartridge type spindle is anchored in robust headstock, which is designed with symmetrical ribs for rigidity and better thermal stability. Machine comes with better spindle bearing arrangement that is stiffer and more thermally stable. High precision spindle bearings are grease lubricated for life, and have minimal temperature variation, even while running continuously at maximum speed.

Machine comes with Roller LM guide ways on all axes for optimum stiffness, rigidity, accuracy and longer life duration due to increased surface contact. Machine offers reduced backlash and vibration owing to directly coupled motors on all axes. It also enhances positioning and repeatability.

Customer can exploit full benefits of performing complex off centre milling – drilling, precise keyway machining, flat and contoured surfaces owing to ample (±50 mm) stroke of Y axis. The Y axis stroke is achieved by the simultaneous movement of two independent slides. Cutting forces are distributed over two slides ensuring exceptional rigidity and extreme precision.

Both main and sub spindles are supplied with totally programmable C–axis and hydraulically operated positioner. C–axis enables contour machining such that operator can machine outer profiles and pockets utilizing live tool turret and Y–axis movement.

Sub Spindle is added feature for Y axis machine. Latest technology Built-in Spindle (also called DDS-Direct Drive Spindle)is provided as a standard feature in Y(S) models. Improved flexibility and output can be achieved in machines with sub-spindle. Also, secondary machining operations can be completed in one set-up.

Increase in accuracy and decrease in part handling can be achieved by combining Y–axis, C – axis and Sub Spindle.