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Overview :

Macpower has realized the rush in requirement for high technological products has provided a great chance for the development of Horizontal Machining Centres. Macpower has developed different sizes of HMC to meet the uprising demand of customers for machines delivering higher outputs.

Structure & frame :

The structure of HMC is designed using finite element analysis to ensure powerful cutting and agility. Structure is made of FG 300 cast iron to reduce deformation while performing heavy-duty cuts.
One piece T shaped casting bed is designed with heavy rib reinforcement for stiffness and high geometrical accuracy. While designing machine for its functional need, ergonomics is given equal significance. Optimal job stacking heights, easy spindle access, ease of chip removal, maintenance friendliness are some of the key characteristics considered.

Moving Column Design :

Incessant insist from the customers has encouraged Macpower to adapt the new generation moving column configurations to meet the ever changing functional needs. The moving column horizontal machining centres are an admired composition for diversified applications. Advantage of HMC over VMC is its additional rotary axis and ability to take heavier payload.

The column is designed to prevent thermal deformation, proving excellence in machining performance and precision. X & Y axes movement are given to the tool and component on table moves in Z axis only. Higher accuracy can be achieved due to lesser movement of the components.

Spindle :

The heavy duty cartridge type spindle uses super precision class bearings to allow heavy cutting. Uniform cutting force distribution ensures finest surface finishes of high consistent quality. High pressure coolant through spindle is provided as an optional feature.

Rotary Table :

The worm gear type rotary table provides infinite positioning and flexibility to handle any application, as well as possibility of rotary cutting. A servomotor with encoder rotates a worm screw, which drives a worm wheel on rotary table ensuring highest positional accuracy. Customer can opt for 0.001° as 1° indexing table is provided as standard feature.

Automatic Tool Changer :

Arm-type ATC is highly efficient and reliable as all tool change motion
and position are monitored by detection sensors and sequential scans.

Automatic Pallet Changer :

Rotary type APC is driven by hydraulic rack has effortless mechanism which offers high reliability and great loading capacity. Pallet on table is positioned and clamped by highly accurate four cone clamping system. The cone seat uses air blow cleaning and pressure detection mechanism in order to enhance the clamping reliability and position accuracy.