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Macpower introduces M Grind Series – CNC Cylindrical Grinder. Machine is specifically designed focusing on automotives, machine tools, aerospace, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric motor supply industries. Easy machine adjustment and short part set-up are provided either for a single part or small, medium or large series.

High efficiency, accuracy and maximum convenience played central role during development of the grinding machine. Stiff machine structure is designed ergonomically and to be user friendly.

Machine construction is carefully designed using 3D solid modeling (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) systems, to accomplish the best feasible result for all components and to ensure superior finish. The structure is made of high quality cast iron and is stress relieved for outstanding stability ensuring zero deformation. Lower centre of gravity bed design, tremendously upgrades machine stability.

The machine structure is based on a monoblock T-shaped bed. The longitudinal part of the bed supports the table during its longitudinal travel (Z-axis) while the transversal part supports the movement of the wheel slide (X-axis).

Table Slide (Z-Axis)
Manually scrapped, precise V and flat guide ways are automatically lubricated along with Turcile-B guarantee a lifetime of excellence. Slide is driven by servomotor and precision class ball screw. Upper table is clamped on Z slide. It comes with anti-friction bearing pivot pin and table swivel can be fine tuned for cylindrical or taper corrections.

Work Head
The work head has a particularly rigid structure which enables the uniform rotation of the part during grinding operation. The spindle is mounted on high precision Roller bearings, axially preloaded. Spindle is driven by servomotor which provides smooth speed control and precise positioning. A work head can swivel in both directions for various grinding operations.

Wheel Head
The wheel head incorporates a cartridge type wheel spindle (Lubricated for life) that provides the utmost in reliability and ease of maintenance.

Wheel Head Slide (X-Axis)
One of the exceptional features of the cross slide with pretension needle guides is its excellent repeatability. The pretence needle guides ensure stick-slip-free fine modification. The wheel head slide is driven by precision ball screw and servo motor. Longitudinal slide rests on hardened and ground V and flat guide ways designed for optimum flow of forces.

The rigid tailstock is equipped with spring loaded sleeve of centre. Centre pressure can be adjusted depending upon the applications. Specially designed guide bush in tailstock provides minimal guide play with benefit of high level of damping. Fine adjustment can be made at anytime. Foot switch operated hydraulic tailstock can be provided as an optional feature.

Dressing Unit
Dressing Unit is mounted on tailstock or Work head. Dressing cycle is programmable through NC and can be integrated into grinding cycle, if required.