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  • GX 100 Jr. Twin

Overview :

“In demanding times of machining accuracy and productivity, Macpower has addressed both the issues in Twin head single slide machines thereby offering solution to the valued customers instead of machines. Twin spindle linear tooling machines reduces idle time resulting in cumulative productivity with lesser manpower offering customers gain higher margins. Twin series suffices need of the hour of valued customers by offering range of machines resulting into higher choice with cost effective productive based solution for them.”

Rigid & Massive Structure :

Single piece monoblock structure is made out of grade 25 cast iron for more stability. It is heavily ribbed to provide more rigidity and less distortion during heavy cuts and faster production, with virtually no vibration. Structure also facilitates easy chip disposal. Also the footprint has been reduced to save valuable space at customer’s end.

Spindle :

The Spindle is of cartridge type design and uses 3 super precision angular contact bearings at front and 2 angular contact bearings at rear end. the bearing configuration gives high stiffness to the spindle assembly in both axial and radial direction.

Linear Tooling :

Linear Tooling helps in faster production by reducing overall cycle time thereby improving productivity at large and helps in reducing cost per component for the customer

Advantage :

  • No idle time Resulting in higher productivity
  • two setup available on one machine one half of a job can be completed on one spindle while the second half be completed on the other spindle
  • Macpower CNC used liner tooling system to reduce machining time because of faster positioning of tools compared to turret
  • less manpower required & space taken in similar to be one machine.
  • Machine working in one spindle same time operator change completed job from second spindle

Advance Inspection Technology :

Laser Calibration is carried out to insure the linear accuracy, providing accurate compensation for pitch and backlash. The machine facilities the attainment of positional accuracy up to 0.01 mm / 300 mm and repeatability accuracy up to 0.007 mm.