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Overview :

Our new generation Vertical Machining Centers are incorporate a wide range of enhancements and available with a myriad of options to choose from.The modular machine portfolio and sophisticated engineering knowledge that enables us to deliver optimized solutions with optimal performance that make Macpower VMCs better than ever before.

Structure & Frame :

Sturdiness of the foundation determines the soundness of the structure. The major construction parts are based on FG260 grade cast iron, to ensure optimum harmonic stability and maximum damping during cutting. Base and column are reinforced with heavy ribs for stability and least distortion. The uniform dense, fine graded casting distributes stress and heat throughout the machine structure.

High Capacity Accurate Spindle :

The precision cartridge spindle unit having three super precise angular contact bearings at front and two at rear end, this combination ensures higher stiffness. Bearings are perfectly aligned and grease packed for long life.
Spindle is indirectly driven by high speed AC spindle motor with reduced pulley ratio, to achieve high spindle torque and optimal performance of machine.

Precise Linear Guideways :

All axes are furnished with precise and heavy load capacity re-circulating ball guide ways enabling high acceleration-de acceleration and hence batter productivity

Double-Anchored Ball Screws :

Ball Screws are directed by direct coupled AC servo motor with flexible coupling. This greatly improves positioning accuracy, and provides more accurate threading and contouring. Ball Screws are anchored at both ends and inspected for parallelism with axis guide. Pre-loaded ball nuts eliminate backlash.

Advance Inspection Technology :

Laser Calibration is carried out to insure the linear accuracy, providing accurate compensation for pitch and backlash. The machine facilities the attainment of positional accuracy up to 0.01 mm / 300 mm and repeatability accuracy up to 0.007 mm. In order to ensure best interpolation among axes, machine is subjected to undergo rigorous Ball Bar Testing which also enables maximum squareness.

Ergonomics Design :

In design of our machines ergonomics are given equal priority with its functionality. Optimum job loading heights, easy access to spindle, easy of chip removal, easy maintenance, are some of the key aspects considered. We endeavor to continuous improvement of existing products to cater to the needs and expectations of the customer.