Careers @ Mac

Welcome to the career pages of the Macpower CNC – a world of opportunities!

As a professional and as the HR leader of the Macpower CNC, I understand your concern and the need to make appropriate career choices for yourself. I hope the information provided on these career pages will help you know us well enough to make the right choice. Who knows we may be the right place for you as we have been acknowledged as the Best Employer in a study.
Whether you are seeking a job or a career, it is important for you to get the feel of the culture of the organization, what it stands for, its employee philosophy and other relevant details for you to make a choice.


As an employee who has spent 10 years with the Group, I can describe the work culture of the Group as one of growth mind-set, entrepreneurial, meritocratic, empowering and caring. Our culture fosters excellence and gives people space to take initiative, and to experiment. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) aims to deliver unique opportunities to our employees in terms of learning, career development, recognition and family well being. That is why our EVP is characterized as offering a ‘world of opportunities’.


We have robust programmes at the entry level for Accountants, Engineers, MBAs and others. Similarly, we have a number of programmes for mid-career professionals.


Our philosophy is one of developing our own people and enabling them to attain growth as the Group grows. At the same time we hire experienced professionals from outside to bring in new perspectives and new energy. Our HR practices, employee care, people philosophy and engagement all have been well recognized through a range of external honors and awards for the Group as a whole and for our individual businesses.


I hope you will enjoy exploring our career pages and I sincerely hope you find something for yourself.